PUBG GFX Tool Settings Android App Renamed To ‘Graphic Tool For Battlegrounds’

There are several things to talk about the Android platform as it affords device owners and developers with more flexibility and power over what is and isn’t possible when compared to other competing platforms, such as Apple’s iOS. We’ve witnessed this flexibility executed to perfection thanks to the availability of the GFX Tool PUBG app, which has now been optimized and renamed to “Graphics Tool for Battlegrounds.”

Are you a fanatical PUBG Mobile gamer, and want to run that game on an Android device, then you will need this newly named app. This app is definitely something that you should be considering.

The developers behind the app may have to rethink again as far as the naming of the app is concerned. That’s because of legal issues but that doesn’t matter now from the power and versatility of the application as far as interacting with and fine-tuning the PUBG Mobile experience is concerned. It’s not possible to change gameplay per se, but nevertheless, this is a perfect tool to enhance the performance based on the device it’s running on.

When using the said app in conjunction with PUBG Mobile on an Android device, a user is able to control aspects such as the desired frames-per-second performance, whether or not shadows or enabled or disabled in the game, and whether or not the HD visuals are unlocked. It’s also possible to alter the resolution that the game is displayed in.

All of these features are perfectly selected in order to ensure that Android device owners who are potentially running older hardware can modify the PUBG Mobile experience to ensure that they get the best possible performance. Even if that means sacrificing certain visual enhancements.

No, would be the answer to those gamers running iPhone and iPad, who won’t be able to benefit from this level of customization. That’s definitely one of the major benefits of running an Android device and using that ecosystem for gaming.

If you have already had the GFX Tool for PUBG installed then you can now grab the newly named Graphics Tool for Battlegrounds directly from the Google Play via the direct link below as it now has a new home on Play Store.

(Download: Graphics Tool for Battlegrounds on Android from Google Play)

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