PUBG Mobile 0.4.0 Global Release Is Inevitable

Big news PUBG Mobile fans. There is a forthcoming arrival on the horizon. An internal beta tester has let the world know that the testing of version 0.4.0 of the globally available PUBG Mobile variant has now closed, indeed, means that we can only assume that a public rollout is on the cards.

This could be an imminent report and as wonderful and addictive as PUBG Mobile is, gamers outside of China have been left feeling a little hard done to as far as support and release schedules go. Both Tencent and its partners have been pushing out updated information and typically been releasing feature-packed updates with significant improvement into the Chinese market in the first glance, leaving global gamers feeling left behind the scenes and having to continue playing what they feel an outdated version of the PUGB game.

To give some context to that, those gamers based in China are currently settled with version 0.5.1 of PUBG Mobile whereas gamers in other countries and territories are still eagerly awaiting version 0.4.0 to be released.

Finally, we have received a tip regarding the end of the internal beta test, it could mean that version 0.4.0 is going to be pushed out to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store in the UK, Europe, and the USA almost immediately. Once that release has been approved for release, and propagated through the relevant servers, it will be available to the public domain to download and install over the top of the currently running version. That should at least allay some PUBG Mobile gamers outside of China in the fact that they can apparently feel like they are getting close to being on parity with those individuals.

As for features, new functionality, and improvements which go with version 0.4.0, we’re glad to have covered that on a previous occasion. Nevertheless, it isn’t exactly a small update, hence the internal beta testing delayed release between markets. In terms of gameplay performance, the team has added a bunch of 525 new models which support ultra-high and high framerates.

A focus on the improved performance of weapons as well as a new adaptive mode is also there, which has the intelligence to recognize the limitations of the installed device and amend the graphics and framerates to suit.

If you’re a huge PUBG Mobile gamer outside of China then make sure to keep an eye on your app store for version 0.4.0.

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