PUBG Mobile 0.4.0 Beta Slots On Android Opened For Limited Time

A limited number of additional PUBG Mobile beta slots has opened up for those passionate gamers who want to test the 0.4.0 version of the addictive title for Android. The team behind the extremely popular Android title has been appealing for an additional 4,700 testers in order to get 0.4.0 version ready to be deployed to the Play Store.

Here, the first thing to make a note of this may actually come as an initial disappointment to those Android gamers who thought that version 0.4.0 of PUBG Mobile has almost good to go as far as a public released to the global Play Store was concerned.

Although the Chinese version of the PUBG Mobile settled at version 0.5.1 and is very ahead of the globally available English version in terms of releases and features. Global gamers have hoped that a release would be in the cards soon but it would seem to take some more time, as the company is still keen to put Android version 0.4.0 under additional stress with an increased set of testers.

And, the good news for all PUB fans is that it is an immediate opportunity for Mobile lovers on Android to interact the game with version 0.4.0, get a chance to see everything that has been incorporated and what they can expect to see released when it goes public.

However, with the team appealing for an additional 4700 members for testing for the Android platform. Once those numbers (Android users) have registered their interest via Discord, they’ll be invited to a private channel and be given the relevant Android PUBG Mobile version 0.4.0 APK in order to install on their handsets.

The existence of addition beta spots for the Android 0.4.0 beta is certainly a quest going to be exciting for those gamers. But it doesn’t come without certain trade-offs. First of all, it seems that the PUBG Mobile game from the Play Store will need to be entirely uninstalled and unlocked in order to have the beta 0.4.0 version installed and running.

There are some members also reporting that their game data has been relatively wiped with the beta and that the game itself generally feels performance limited. For those passionate gamers who care deeply about PUBG Mobile and ensuring that it’s progressed properly, this could be too fair of an opportunity to miss.

To get into beta testing, simply head over to the following URL: Once here, navigate to #Beta-Commands and type .iam beta to begin the sign-up process. Again, the slots are limited so better hurry before it gets too late to test.

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