PUBG Mobile 0.4.0 Final Global English Version For iOS And Android Released

You can take a long steep breath right now without failing over a half a dozen headlines relating to PUBG and Fortnite, and we are talking specifically about the former which has finally received a new update to version 0.4.0 on iOS and Android.

This version is not exactly a new title rather it has actually been available in the Chinese market for a good long while now. And is now available for the rest of the world to enjoy in a global English version form.

This is time you can’t really step up into the Internet, as making a game popular at launch is fairly easy to do if you make the right decisions, keeping a game at the top position for a prolonged period of time is no mean feat, but again, with Tencent keep to make sure that the updates keep flowing it is clear that the developer knows that the key factor to keeping players engaged is to offer new content and improve the product continually.

That’s exactly what this update is all about, and we also shared with you the patch which went live in China at the end of March, there is plenty that is new in this release.

Starting off we have optimizations that should literally see the game work perfectly well on new fewer than 525 new devices, with Ultra high and High frames also being supported for new models. There’s still Arcade Mode in as well with 28 players and various different weapons variation. Training Grounds is also part of the update which lets you try out all the weapons and lets you practice your shooting skills, along with a new Dusk setting.

Improved graphical prowess through anti-aliasing is also added, with a whole new host of other changes – dedicated to making the game run as well as possible – no matter which device it is being played on.

There is no end to performance and improvements either. The way guns, models, and individual scenarios perform also sees a spruce up as part of this update, and the full list of changes should give you a flavor of what to expect when you install the update.

That PUBG Mobile 0.4.0 update is available to download right immediately and for free across both the iOS App Store and as APK in the Google Play Store. Get it!

Update: If you can’t see the 0.4.0 update being live in your local region app store, try connecting to the app store with a VPN and it should show up. If that still doesn’t work, try grabbing the update from within the game by connecting to it via a VPN. These should do that trick for the update to show up.

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