PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 English Release Once Again Teased

Things are becoming a little comical now for global PUBG Mobile gamers! The official Twitter account of the title has launched yet another teaser tweet and accompanying image to promote version 0.5.0 of the game.

Teasers apart, gamers simply want to know when this version is going to make a public appearance.

This particular version 0.5.0 of PUBG Mobile game has been a long time coming as far as global gamers are concerned. For those all know by now that the Chinese version of the title is a number of versions ahead of the PUBG Mobile global variant, so expecting any type of parity between the two versions is definitely not on the cards.

Right now, the team behind PUBG Mobile has been teasing English version of 0.5.0 title for quite a while, which was great at first. This same now seems like dangling a carrot in front of the face of engaged users who are understandably going to go from engaged to enraged as their patience wears thin.

Before this release, we all have come in front of a new War Mode, which has been detailed here. This latest tweet features an image showing what is presumably the new desert Miramar Map which will make an appearance with version 0.5.0 PUBG. The high-quality image shows a barren desert environment with trees, bushes, and rocks with a flowing Trump-style wall running the fall length of the desert. In the distance, you can see the outline of structures, which is where a lot of the action will take place as gamers hide and search for loot.

However, in all its honesty, the wording of the tweet simply says “coming very soon to #PUBGMOBILE050 #PLAYPUBGMOBILE.” A definite suggestion that version 0.5.0 will indeed benefit from the new expansive map.

As with previous teasing tweets, there is no indication whatsoever regarding exact timeframe or when this English release will actually available through to iOS and Android-based devices via the iOS App Store and Play Store. The only real deal is that a new image has been shared to show a different aspect of the upgrade, and the team behind it is using the word “very” to indicate that a release is closer than it was a few days ago.

All of this we already knew. The real question is “when exactly will gamers see this update arriving/start to filtering through?” We can only hope that it’s hours or days rather than weeks from now on.

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