PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 English / Global Version Beta Invite Sent Out

Are you an avid PUBG Mobile gamer and playing in a location other than China then you may receive a new invitation, giving you the first impression at version 0.5.0.

Although the beta invitations have been rolling out to selected gamers, with version 0.5.0 available in English that too the global audience for the first time.

The current shipping version of PUBG Mobile is version 0.4.0 internationally, and the version 0.6.1 is already advancing in China, it’s not unusual for this disparity between versions. In fact, Chinese gamers who are being part of the beta channel are already testing out version 0.7.0 which is likely some way off being made available to the rest of the world.

If in any case, this update is exactly the same as the Chinese version 0.5.1 then we can expect performance improvements that will see the game run at 60 frames-per-second as well as enhanced audio, new weapons, etc. New gaming models, modes, as well as improved gaming mechanics, can also be expected, as we have to await some proper release notes to be sure.

For those of you, one of the few to be accepted into the beta program will have an in-game message telling you so, but if you have not been part and are using an Android device then there may be another way to get in on the action, alternatively.

One PUBG Mobile gamer has posted instructions on how to get your hands on the beta version, though, it will involve deleting the live version of the running game and installing a new version (APK) that is downloaded manually from the online Internet and sideloaded onto your Android device. We’re not sure about any potential security implications that may come with that, but if you’re desperate to give the beta a try then this is something you can try at your own risk.

You can also check out PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 beta of English Global version in action in the video embedded below.

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