PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 English Version Release Is Nearly Coming

Big news global PUBG Mobile gamers! There is an imminent global PUBG Mobile release on the horizon, as it has been one of the hottest gaming properties on the market for the last couple of months but that doesn’t stop the adrenaline from rushing every time a new update is teased.

Now, the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account has once again raised excitement levels with a teasing tweet which suggests that the global rollout of version 0.5.0 is forthcoming.

It was already told that the team behind PUBG Mobile was been in the process of rolling out beta invites to the global version of PUBG Mobile 0.5.0. Those invites meant that players of the English version game would be able to sample all of the delights, changes, and improvements within 0.5.0 for the very first time.

Thanks to an official tweet today outed for the PUBG Mobile account, which simply states “It is coming. #PUBGMOBILE050“, we can expect the official rollout to happen sooner rather than later. Also, it’s the best indication yet that the team is happy with the performance of 0.5.0 in a pre-release capacity and that it deems it ready for the public consumption in order to interact with.

Great jump! This will look forward to the global version of PUBG Mobile, which incidentally is currently sitting at version 0.4.0 on the various app stores around the world. The Chinese version of the title is currently ahead of that curve with version 0.6.1 already out for the general public and version 0.7.0 in test.

Well, gamers admit the fact that the global variant is always going to be behind the Chinese version, meaning that they are simply happy to just release some new functionality as and when it comes.

From a functionality perspective, gamers can expect improved audio and visuals, with enhanced sound quality and a smooth 6 frame-per-second experience.

When the official release exactly comes – which will possibly be in the coming days, hopefully, rather than weeks – the team will release a more verbose and granular set of release notes to let gamers know actually what has changed within the experience. Strap yourselves in folks, as version 0.5.0 is definitely on the corner and will be here before you know it coming.

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