PUBG Mobile 0.5.1 China Version With MiraMar Desert Map And More Released

PUBG Mobile download released to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store by Tencent Mobile and Quantum & Lightspeed Studio, recently. The same English version PUBG Mobile has officially undergone another update, taking it to version 0.5.1. But, there’s a catch then, what is that? The update has only been pushed out for the version of the game available in China.

This update is one of those PUBG gamers utterly waiting for. It immediately brings a whole new level of gaming area and the environment in the form of the Desert Map – called the Miramar Map – which is otherwise packed full of new guns, weapons, and pistols.

Where the visuals of the game is concerned, has also been improved, offering 60 frames-per-second and enhanced audio to bring a more realistic AV experience to PUBG Mobile. The Tencent Studio also added a ton of other improvements, including a host of new gaming modes and improved gaming mechanics in vital parts of the title. Nevertheless, it definitely feels like a whole new game experience, which goes some way to confirming how big an update this is.

However, this isn’t the first time that a release has been pushed purely to Chinese users, either.

Are you a huge PUBG Mobile fan? If you really cannot imagine living in a gaming world where you aren’t running the latest version and simply need these latest changes in your life is a must, I bet. You are definitely going to need to be running the latest version of the Chinese market. Unfortunately for gamers outside of China, PUBG Mobile for English global users is actually settled on version 0.3.3 with version 0.4.0 hopefully coming soon.

In order to get this latest version outside China, you can simply change the region (somewhat modify) of the app store that your device is pointing to for it to successfully download the Chinese version of the game. You can see how exactly you can do that at the following links:

* iOS devices [App Store]: How To Create US, UK or Any App Store / iTunes Account Anywhere In The World.

* Android devices [Play Store]: Change Google Play Store Country On Android: Here’s How To Do It The Right Way.

And the excitement doesn’t force stop right there. Once you have that Chinese version of PUBG Mobile APK for Android or IPA for iOS downloaded, you’re going to need to have an active WeChat account in order to log in and use the game. Thankfully, we have all the relevant information that you need to get that account up and running here.

Indeed, if all of that seems too much like very hard, then you can choose an alternative solution or wait for Tencent and partners extend this update to the globally available English version of the game in due course. Stay tuned!

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