PUBG Mobile 0.5.3 Chinese Update Brings HDR, WQHD+ Resolution, Adds More [Details]

The official Chinese version 0.5.1 of the hugely popular PUBG Mobile has now been updated to version 0.5.3. Here are the details.

In fact, the gamers in China are still light years ahead of the global PUBG Mobile Android gaming community, as the progression of the game on the various Chinese app stores comes the same week as the world given version 0.4.0. Previously, Chinese version of PUBG Mobile was sitting on 0.5.1 series, which brought with it huge selection of new features and improvements, much to the excitement of the gaming community.

Now, it’s time. Version 0.5.3, China-based gamers – and those who jump through the necessary hoops to install the Chinese version of the game outside of the region – take an additional step forward thanks to the introduction of yet more visual and graphical improvements which are designed to adjust PUBG Mobile apart from any competition. Rather than introducing a set of new features or gameplay modes, Tencent and his team have taken the opportunity to dramatically explore the visuals with this release.

Along with the usual bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements, the latest V0.5.3 of the Chinese title of PUBG Mobile offers anti-aliasing, WQHD+ (2960X1440) resolution, super-high frames-per-second, and HDR picture to noticeably improve the visual mixture of the game. Previous versions of PUBG Mobile have already had a heavy focus on gameplay performance from a graphics perspective and it looks this one is going to be no different.

For those who are able to officially download the version without any fuss, it’s definitely a fantastic release. However, global gamers, it’s more than likely going to feel like a kick in the teeth considering Android device owners only got version 0.4.0 three days ago and iPhone and iPad owners are still waiting for that to propagate through the App Store.

Still, it gives global PUB Mobile gamers an insight into what they can expect to come. Release 0.3.3 was pushed out for global version approximately three weeks ago. With 0.4.0 still propagating in most parts of the world, and with 0.5.1 and now, 0.5.3 in the pipeline, it’s reasonable to expect a period of waiting for almost six weeks before there is any parity between the two versions based on where the Chinese series is now.

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