PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 Global Release Seems Around The Corner

Fans of the popular battle royale shooter PUBG Mobile version 0.6.0 update is on its way, and you’ll be pleased to know that it’s giving mobile users worldwide the chance to play the update after it spent the last few days in beta form.

While the beta went global on June 9th and now just a few days later the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account started teasing the update. Although with no exact release date has given, but we can only imagine it is not too far away from iteration.

Presumably soon! As we learned that the update is coming to everyone, it still some ways behind the current Chinese version of the game which currently sits at a lofty version 0.7.1. Do not think there is nothing worth looking forward to here though because there most certainly is around the corner.

Chief among the new features to keep an eye out for is the new first-person shooting mode which allows gamers to look directly down the barrel of their chosen weapon and take the head first opponents out from a perspective which is currently simply not available outside of China or that aforementioned beta release.

A new Arcade mode that dumps 100 players into a 4×4 map is also included, giving PC gamers something that should quickly feel familiar. Finally, this update is, however, not a huge one, it is definitely one that players should look forward to sinking their teeth into.

We can expect it to be landing in the next few days or so. The countdown resets and we look further to the next release of what continues to be one of the best supported mobile titles out there.

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