PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 Final Global English Version Released, Here’s What Is New

Good news mobile gaming fans! Tencent has begun rolling out the global version of PUBG Mobile – a version now available in English – has been updated to v6.0.0 after a prolonged beta testing period.

The global version 0.6.0 game release can be downloaded with immediate effect right away. This means everything for all the players across the world.

PUBG Mobile gamers have long-anticipated to the fact that the Chinese version of the game is going to be continually ahead of the global version in regards to versioning and features. It doesn’t actually detract from the excitement which still comes from receiving a new version of the game with additional powers and functionality. With that in mind, version 0.6.0 has been coming for a lot of PUBG Mobile gamers, which today makes this release much sweeter to the taste.

The big things in the patch notes revealed from version 0.6.0 – and a feature which is likely to divide opinion with gamers – is the ability to now play the game from a first-person perspective, which is how most shooter games like Call of Duty are played.

Some gamers out there also calling out for the perspective, whereas others have been extremely happy with the third-person view. But thankfully, it’s not a forced solution and will allow gamers to switch between both modes at their own will. Other than the shooter mode, gamers will also be able to now equip themselves with sub-weapons, meaning that it will be possible to carry two main weapons and a pistol.

For those of you individuals who want more than additional things, the PUBG Mobile team has also introduced a new Arcade mode – this involves throwing 100 players into a 4-by-4 map, offering triple loot drops and old-school classing gaming rules, offering similarities to the original PC, Xbox version for those who loved that type of gameplay.

Version 0.6.0 isn’t exactly on the same level of PUBG Mobile playing experience as the previous release which introduced the wonderful MiraMar mapping rejoice but it’s definitely still a release which will once again whet the appetites of the collective global PUBG gaming community on the same level or scale.

And, remember, if this version doesn’t float your boat, then there is seemingly always a newer release in beta ready to make it into a live environment. Full 0.6.0 release notes are as follows.

PUBG Mobile Android APK and iOS app are available to download from Google Play and App Store respectively.

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