PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 Beta English Global Version Released

The team behind the popular PUBG Mobile has officially made available version 0.6.0 beta to global public. This particular release relates to the English version of the battle royale game and means that we are on step closer to an official general public rollout.

Its immediate availability of the beta version of 0.6.0 to invited testers means that it is now only a matter of time until 0.6.0 of the title is released to the global public. Whereby, it means the global English version of the game will become a step closer to being in parity with the Chinese version of the title.

While the Chinese version of the PUBG title has historically received the early updates, with the publicly available version of the Chinese variant currently on at 0.7.1. APKs for the global version is getting close but it’snot quite there yet.

And the PUBG Corporation has also issued official release notes and detailed changelogs with this beta but there are definitely a few things that gamers should know about. The first and foremost, PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 global version brings its first-person playing activity allowing gamers to look directly down the barrel of their gun and play the game from the perspective of the character rather than in the third-person action.

It is now also possible to display additional characters on the weapons which currently held. Gamers or players of the title will also be able to equip themselves with sub-weapons, meaning that it’s possible to hold two main guns and a pistol in the gameplay.

Otherwise, there is a fun new Arcade mode which puts 100 players into a 4 x 4 map with triple loot drops and old-school classic gaming rules. For those of you used to playing the original PC, Xbox or PS4 version, then this should make you feel a little more at home.

It’s admitted that this is a huge update on the same pattern as the earlier Miramar map release, which should hopefully mean that it will only spend a minimal amount of time in a beta capacity before it’s finally released to the public. With everything said clearly, it needs to be tested and the company behind it needs to be confident that version 0.6.0 is fully capable of performing well from it’s released to the public.

Stay tuned for more updated news relating to this PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 global English version of the game. As soon as it goes live for everyone, we’ll let you know.

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