PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 Patch Notes: FPP Mode, 100-Player Arcade Mode In 4×4 Map, More

PUBG Mobile with a good reason is the hottest property in the world of mobile gaming right now when compared to Fortnite. That’s because, the developers’ constant updates, one of which ensures not only does the game not suffer from the potential to go stale for those who play it but also that any bugs encounter can be crashed and any kinks ironed out on a fairly regular basis.

The next big release to talk about to come to PUBG will likely be version 0.6.0, a version that we mentioned a couple of days ago after a video was released online showing the game’s crowing feature – a first-person mode.

PUBG FPP (First person plays)

However, that version is currently in a beta testing period in China ahead of the public release in the country. That all needs to happen before the update goes live around the international market, but we already have the release notes for the update and there’s plenty to chew through.

Undoubtedly, the big deal here is that first-person mode, which apparently changes the whole feel of the game. Covered it all days ago, but it’s worth checking out the video once again as it really does alter the game dramatically. If you want a Counter-Strike vibe, then this update is for you.

The complete list of major known changes is as follows:

  • First-person (FPP) mode
  • A new arcade mode (100 players, 4×4 map size, 3 times loot drop, classic rules)
  • All new key setting buttons (team HP bar, car exit, etc.)
  • Voice chat options (voice on/off option for individual teammates)
  • Additional markers for the map (item ping, danger ping)
  • Weapon gallery (allowing gamers to see various bits of information about their weapons of choice)
  • Users will be able to equip sub-weapons, such as pistols (two main weapons + a pistol, for example)

Again saying, 0.6.0 is currently in Chinese beta and will be released in China only first before a global roll-out if history is any indication. The world smart money suggests that this won’t happen before June, but until then, there’s no reason not to enjoy what we already have.

Are you up for a game of MUBG Mobile?

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