PUBG Mobile 0.6.1, 0.5.1 English Global Version Expected Release Dates [Rumors]

The highly addictive game title, the PUBG Mobile continues to prove popular among players both on traditional gaming platforms as well as mobile. The reason we are mentioning is that the game’s developers continue to update the title to not only squash bugs but also add new features along the way.

The way the beta releases highlighted in China before being released in the same country ahead of making their way to the wider world. This system and process allow developers to make sure everything is working as it should ahead of prime time, but it also does mean that anyone outside China has to wait.

While those in China have been testing PUBG Mobile version 0.7.0 for a while with 0.6.1 already available to general public, it now seems that the next public release worldwide will be 0.5.1 followed by 0.6.1.

We may also know when these releases will come, as there is a technique and hint as shown below, assuming a post by user superzuzu72 is to be believed. That’s to be taken with a pinch of salt, of course, but we would potentially see version 0.5.1 go live next month worldwide.

With Chinese users already running version 0.6.1, the changes include new game modes, new class systems, and a new pistol system that will allow players to “add a pistol bit in the battle interface, add a pistol bar in the backpack interface.”

No, we don’t actually have a confirmation that these timelines are correct, but they do make a modicum of sense on the face of it. We’ll still have to wait and see to be sure, but for now, it’s the best idea we have yet as to when we can expect the next big PUBG Mobile updates to land outside of China.

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