PUBG Mobile 0.6.3 Beta Update Featuring FPS Mode Rolls Out In China

Great news PUBG Mobile gamers! Are you living in China, then you have another good reason to read this article, to know what exactly is going on in the world of PUBG Mobile. Prepare for an influx of additional information, the company behind the Battle Royale title has pushed out another beta version to Chinese players, this time with version 0.6.3, joining version 0.7.0, which, otherwise, is already in beta with gamers.

A community of PUBG Mobile players of iOs and Android says it’s available in beta mode but coming to the Chinese global version soon!

The company behind PUBG Mobile currently offers its main title in two versions for different territories. A version that is offered to the public in China, which currently sits at version 0.6.1 and is available through the iOS App Store and Play Store and brought in FPS mode to the title for the first time with the release of version 0.6.0, previously.

There is also a global version of the game readily available in English, offered in global app stores, and which sits at version 0.5.0. Notably, the global variant of the game is a number of versions behind of the Chinese version.

Nevertheless, Tencent and its partners have been allowing Chinese gamers to download version 0.6.1 at the same time as allowing select beta testers to interact with version 0.7.0 to put it through its paces ahead of an official launch.

Now, it seems that version 0.6.3 has also been captured into a beta stage, meaning that the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile now has two different versions in a pre-release state being played and interacted with by testers.

From a feature perspective and functionality, it would seem that version 0.6.3 of PUBG Mobile is a relatively minor bug fix and issue eradicating release that looks to try and resolves any errors to smoothen out the 0.6.1 experience.

It also seems that the beta version 0.7 will introduce some new functionality, wheraes this brand new 0.6.3 beta is simply designed to showcase a feature-rich number of bug fixes and improvements. With that said so, it’s still great to see the continued progression, even if that process may end up angering global gamers who just want to see their version increase as soon as is humanly possible.

For those who may be new to PUBG Mobile – creatively, where you have been?! – live in China and who want to get your hands on version 0.6.1 of the game, then the title can be accessed from the Chinese App Store from here.

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