PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 Beta English Version Released, Here’s How To Get It

The development of PUBG Mobile global version continues for those playing the game outside of China. This time around of an official announcement, the team, and publisher behind the English title has just announced that version 0.7.0 variant of the game has moved into beta.

Indeed, the popular PUBG Mobile title has been around globally for long enough now for all impassioned gamers to understand that each version of the title runs at its own pace.

While gamers in the global community have accepted that the Chinese variant of the game is always going to take primacy and that all of those individuals playing that particular version will get newer and updated versions of the game ahead of their counterparts in English speaking parts of the land. Still, with beta releases such as this one, gamers still have something to look forward to.

There are no official release notes published for the 0.7.0 beta of PUBG Mobile English version but we know from the earlier Chinese release that it added the new War Mode, which is testable on this latest beta between 00:00 and 04:00 AM UTC.

It seems like features such as being able to have friends watch the gameplay without actually taking part. Some updated guns and more precision firing included as well as a brand new facial expression system, too, which instantly brings additional humanity to the players within the game.

Indeed, the release is also littered with bug fixes and improvements that are designed to try and take the playability and overall experience of the title to the next level. Gamers should, however, see improvements such as more realistic impacts from frag grenades as well as increased damage exceptions from certain guns. With this release taking the English version to beta at 0.7.0, the Chinese version is already sitting at beta testing version 0.8.1, meaning it’s at least a couple one version ahead of the global version.

Those who are playing the English version of PUBG Mobile are only able to get version 0.6.1 from the relevant iOS app stores. Interested in betas? Head over to the following URL to download the client:

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