PUBG Mobile 0.7.1 Final Chinese Version Released, Here’s What Is New

Once again flipped the switch on the world famous PUBG Mobile release in China. This time around the public version of PUBG Mobile 0.7.1 for iOS and Android released specifically in the Chinese market.

Just before this version, the team initially partially introduced version 0.7.1 and rolled out the beta earlier this month, leaving gamers extremely excited about what’s to come going forward.

Now that it’s another release that the corporation behind the PUBG Mobile game is happy with how that beta phase has performed and is confident that it’s stable enough to host every single person who will instantly jump on version 0.7.1 and interact with all the glory, it’s new features and functionality.

In that respect, the latest PUBG Mobile version 0.7.1 is rolling out now and should be appearing in Chinese application stores.

From a feature and change perspective, gamers will definitely have a lot to look forward to as far gameplay and the experience is concerned. Even though this version number suggests that it should be just a relatively minor point update, it doesn’t actually mean to be the case as far as the official changelog and release notes go.

All have access to version 0.7.1 now complete with an all-new game mode, a new visual experience system that immediately breathes life and realism in characters, and even what the company is calling the “Jadean Warzone” system which ranks players based on geographical location.

Gamers of PUBG will also be able to act in a voyeuristic manner and watch their friends and connections take part in a game rather than get involved themselves. Additionally, version 0.7.1 also adds what seems like an almost never-ending collection of bug fixes and improvements. Thus including optimizing the logic of a gamer’s friends list, fixing visual glitches and issues through the environment.

Although it’s given even increased amount of damage that is certain weapons in the game to make it seem and feel more realistic as far as carnage and chaos are concerned.

For you, we mean if you’re a passionate PUBG Mobile gamer and love nothing more than interacting with all new changes and improvements, you can simply grab the latest APK and iOS app updates right from the relevant application stores. Just make sure that you are China-based in order to get this particular version right now.

Patch notes (translated) for PUBG Mobile v0.7.1 can be seen below:

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