PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 Download With Full Patch Notes Released, Here’s Everything

Good news for all PUBG Mobile gamers. The company and development team behind the popular smash hit title has officially pushed out the release of major version 0.8.0. Available right now, the latest PUBG title offers a new smaller and more compact map, new weapons, and brand new vehicles to joyride in.

Players, on the other hand, gets one of the greatest things about the PUBG Mobile franchise is that it has been able to keep its loyal userbase happy to continue adding to the experience and flicking the switch of new periodic versions, assuming, not only with new features but also with improvements and miscellaneous fixes.

The release instantly shows everything of the PUBG Mobile gamers around the world that they are committed to improving the experience on both the iOS and Android platforms. This latest version continues that trend with the addition of new features and important usability improvements.

Those PUBG Mobile gamers who are following @PUBGMobile Twitter account will definitely be aware of some of the new features within version 0.8.0, namely the new Sanhok Map – some people seriously have enjoyed when interacting with it on platforms like Xbox. PC and Xbox gamers have already had access to this particular map, with it now being the turn of those on mobile to have the same mixture of luxury afforded to them.

While that map itself is split into three key areas with bridges joining the key combat areas. It’s smaller than a normal map which should encourage more combat and fewer places for individuals to hide away from the action. PUBG Mobile gamers who love all-out action will also love Sanhok.

In addition to the map, the new PUBG Mobile version has also introduced new weapons and additional vehicles that can be found throughout the game. All these can immediately be added to the fun, excitement, and overall carnage that people will experience when playing on iOS and Android.

Along with earlier beta versions, this release also includes some noticeable improvements, enhancements, and overall bug fixes and patches which combine together to promote a highly polished and globally popular PUBG Mobile experience. You can find the official version 0.8.0 release notes right below.

PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 for iOS and Android APK can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play respectively.

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