PUBG Mobile Final Version 0.8.6 Download Available In China

The updates for the PUBG Mobile continues to flow at full pace. It’s now been confirmed that PUBG Mobile version 0.8.6 is in the progress of rolling out for China-based players of the globally popular and successful title. The good times to grab is it is propagating through the relevant application stores right now.

It’s the Tencent and partners are pretty much fair in pushing out new and shiny updates for PUBG Mobile. The title is still one of the hottest digital properties on the market and as far as gameplay and revenues are concerned, it continues to push the boundaries on the iOS and Android platforms.

The latest version is here. This particular one headed to the stores in China – follows on from the announcement that version 0.8.x was being enjoyed in a closed beta environment by passionate PUBG Mobile gamers. The beta period has been available to those in and as Chinese platform, has now clearly ended, resulting in the official version 0.8.6 being pushed out to the public.

New in that title, is likely making its way into this released version, was the addition of the new Sanhok map environment for all Chinese players to enjoy across iOS and Android. There is also an inclusion of a brand new vehicle which will be there when playing in the Miramar Desert map environment.

For those who prefer the raw art of destruction, they’ll get the inclusion of the new QBZ95 weapon system which should take assassination from distance up a few notches. Those inclusions available now are also packed together with a number of notable refreshments and improvements as well as visual enhancements. The overall changes made in the latest version 0.8.6 of PUBG Mobile are designed specifically to ensure that the game is as smooth as troublefree as possible.

Given the fact that gamers have actually started to realize that PUBG Mobile now looks, and more importantly, feels closer to the original PC gameplay which generated such a cult following before it actually made its way to iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

The team behind PUBG Mobile will be keen to let gamers know that this version is intended for mobile only and has been built as such. But Tencent also wants to preserve that iconic gameplay and experiences which has driven so many gamers around the world to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store – encourages them to keep driving revenue Tencent’s way.

If you are a PUBG Mobile gamer in China, then you should know by now that it is available. Head on over to your app store right away to grab version 0.8.6 APK for Android or iOS app on iPhone/iPad immediately.

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