PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 Official Title Update Adds Controller Support

Those avid PUBG Mobile gamers in China particularly, who have access to the Chinese version of the game – who have downloaded the latest 0.9.5 patch are finding their way out that official controller peripherals are supported within the title.

The team behind PUBG Mobile seems to have taken the opportunity to push out version 0.9.5 update of the game into Chinese app stores just 40-hours ago. And today, we are talking about the significant controller support within the game.

PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 Adds Controller Support Officially

That committed and passionate release actually introduced a slew of changes and stability improvements altogether, designed to dramatically enhance gameplay for those players in the community. Now, it’s also being discovered that it indeed introduces support for “official cooperation peripherals.” This basically means that anyone on version 0.9.5 can now connect a gaming controller or pad to the gadget (device) and play the game away from the fiddly touchscreen.

Point to be noted! Some gamers will immediately notice that this is a great move from the PUBG Mobile team, but others will be instantly concerned about what it means for those head-to-head situations where one player with a controller is clearly going to have an advantage over someone who isn’t playing with a connected peripheral.

Thankfully, the team of the hardcore PUBG Mobile gameplay has also used common sense here. As we already knew that people accessing the game via an Android emulation system that lets them run the game on a desktop are placed against others using the same technique. Whereas gaming controllers and pads are concerned, the exact same appears to be true and accurate.

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Another point here is that those who opted to connect an official cooperation peripheral will be only matched with those other individuals who are playing the game in the same manner. For example; if you are accessing PUBG Mobile in a native way by using the on-screen touch controls will be thrust into gaming environments only with those who are choosing to enjoy playing PUBG Mobile exactly as intended on a smartphone or tablet.

The aforementioned move should instantly remove any fear relating to mismatched games and one player having an advantage over others. Which is obviously a great news for a lot of gamers but also terrible to others who are simply awful at the game and could have easily used the peripheral as an excuse for why they keep getting eliminated.

Finally, if you are based in China or can get access to the Chinese version of the game and are somewhat happy with non-English language menus, then you can grab version 0.9.5 right now and experience PUBG Mobile title’s controller.

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