How To Unlock PUBG Mobile 60fps Mode On iPhone [iOS Jailbreak Required]

When it comes to PUBG Mobile gaming, for example, few companies take things very seriously than the folks who ridge hours into it. Currently, there are two battle royale titles in the world of gaming, and one of those is PUBG – hugely popular among gamers on the desktop and home consoles. So it should be no denying that the mobile game is just as well supported by the community.

This statement also means that there are plenty of gamers who want to be able to get a little bit of an edge while playing or simply want to be able to tweak the game to their needs. Modifying or hacking plays a big role in the situation, a constant frames-per-second, or FPS, is a prime factor of that. And part from reducing eyestrain, it has the potential to make spotting enemies as well as aiming at moving targets a tad easier.

This PUBG Mobile 60fps iOS Unlock Mod Works, requires jailbroken device

Is your iOS jailbroken? Well, then this is actually something that you can right now and, apparently, it doesn’t matter or violate any of the PUBG rules either. By all means, you won’t be risking getting reported or banned, unlike a previous method which didn’t require jailbreak but put the account at risk.

Indeed, you’ll need to be using a jailbroken device in order to take advantage of this. But again, if you tick that particular box, here is what you need to do to lock your PUBG Mobile FPS at a solid 60fps.

Guide follows

Step 1: Head into Cydia and download an app called “Anywhere!–虚拟定位.”

Step 2: Launch the downloaded app and select iPhone 8 as the device. Select PUBG Mobile as the app. Once done, you can close the app.

Step 3: Open the PUBG Mobile and you should see a new Extreme FPS option unlocked in the settings. Select that and away you go.

This is where what you should get a nice, solid and locked 60fps when playing PUBG Mobile, something that can make all the difference.

Note: The app does allow the application of cheats and that using any of these specific features may (and should) result in a ban. Steer clear!

Want to jailbreak:

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