Download PUBG Mobile Army Attack By Timi Studio For Android Right From Here

For all of you Android-using, mobile gaming-loving smartphone and tablet users out there get a great news. It’s now possible to download the Timi Studio’s version of the extremely popular PUBG battle royale game to be sideloaded onto your device.

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground mobile was initially released for Android devices on the Chinese Google Play Store. That limitation means that only those with an Android device and a Chinese Play Store account were able to download the wonderfully exciting title in an official capacity.

There was a PUBG Mobile China version to English language translation problems in order to play the battle game. Tencent Games and Quantum & Lightspeed Studio did show some grace to Canadian users by releasing a new English version of PUBG mobile variant to the Play Store of Canada. But, that version was only available to those Canada living and was only for the “Exhilarating Battle” version of the game.

The good news is that it’s now actually possible to download the APK file for the Army Attack/Assualt version of the popular PUBG title, which is the land, sea, and air version of a shooter, the PUBG game created by Timi Studio in conjunction with Tencent Games.

With the APK version in your progression, it’s possible to sideload that onto an Android-device with unknown source installation activated in order to start playing PUBG: Army Attack/Assualt immediately.

Point to be noted and admitted that this isn’t an updated English version of the game, meaning that if you choose to grab the APK and get it sideloaded to your device then you will need to battle with the fact that it’s attacked and annotated in the Chinese language. You will also need a WeChat account in order to combat (login) and access the army itself. We can’t get the APK onto the device for you but we can give you the information you need right now, including how to create that account to get access. PUBG Mobile WeChat Login: Here’s How To Sign Up For An Account.

Those of you interested can grab the officially licensed PUBG Timi Studio APK file right now from here. Remember, this is a Chinese version of the Army Attack/Assualt game, focusing on land, sea, and air battles, rather than being a like-for-like version of the Xbox/PC game.

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