How To Spot And Remove PUBG Mobile Bots In The Game [Guide]

Are you new to PUBG Mobile, or have not been playing the game since it was released, lots of people are winning their first attempt, but the thing is, you’ll likely have come across bots in the game. You may not instantly know that they are bots, but you will have interacted with them and either killed or have been killed by one.

Just after a single round of PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, many were hooked. The game runs well and feels authentic, but the game is filled with full of bots. How can you recognize bots and what you need to do to decrease the number of bots within a game is what we’re going to look at now.

You might not be as good as you think you are. After three games, some players had one second-place finish and one third-place, along with a kill/death ratio of 4.66. Interestingly, it began to think that there’s something screwy going on in the game itself. Following the development of the mobile version very closely, seem to think there might be bots in this game, designed to present a meaty target and install confidence in new players.

And, they’ve been playing the Chinese version of PUBG game, which was released a bit earlier than the English version here in the United States, for about a week longer than we have.

Here’s their take, and fix it instantly

Step 1: First, all you’re going to need to be able to spot a bot in the game. Bots instead have certain tell-tale characteristics. If you spot a combination of the below, then you likely have yourself an in-game PUBG Mobile bot:

* Weapons: Bots within the game will only be carrying one weapon. Typically, there are bots after all so they don’t need to be loaded with weapons of destruction.
* Awareness: Bots within the game always seem to have a sixth-sense, meaning that as soon as you have them in your vision or line-of-sight, they’ll immediately be aware of your presence.
* Behavior and loot: Bots, in all honesty, are very prone to a bit of stupidity. So, once you see a character with one gun, who always knows you are, and who appears to be acting rather erratically and can’t seem to successfully aim or shoot you, then you are a bot. Of, and if you inspect the corpse, it will have more goodies than it visually appeared to have before you struck it down.

Note: One major difference from the other versions is the presence of bots, apparently designed to help new players get to grips with the game. You can even level up, the ratio of real players to bots increases, and it’s easy to tell the difference. As the bots are very dumb and don’t put up much of a fight. It’s a clever way to ensure people have a good experience when they first play PUBG.

Step 2: In terms of removing bots completely from the game, isn’t a simple task which comes in the form of a button, option, or toggle switch. The trick we’re going to use, continue playing the game and take your character on a leveling up mission. Once you trigger yourself up out of the Bronze bracket then the number of bots appearing in a game noticeably decrease. You should, however, also only notice that these bots appear in the early-mid part of the game.

There you have it. PUBG Mobile has bots. That’s just a fact of life and something that you are dealing with until you level-up beyond that point.

So, it also means you can recognize a bot based on its attitude and appearance, using the tips outlined above. Alternatively, you can either opt to steer clear of the bot or to end its artificial life and collect its loot.

Battlegrounds is an extremely complicated game, and many mobile players simply haven’t been exposed to something like this before. Otherwise, a few bots aren’t such a bad compromise.

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