PUBG Mobile English Version Released For Android Devices, Here Are The Details

There you go battle royale gaming fans. You can now download the most popular PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround Mobile for Android (PUBG Mobile) in English directly from the Play Store.

Great news here is that the unbelievably hyped excitement of the mobile gaming community has arrived in your favorite world language. We can almost sense the collective enthusiasm, but still, there’s a caveat! It’s only officially available on the Canadian Play Store for now, although we have a workaround for it as well – more on that later.

In true fashion, the PUBG Mobile English version hit the West today with a totally unannounced Android beta, currently only available on the Candian Google Play, and based on the previously released Chinese Mobile version of the game.

Although PUBG Mobile has managed to grab attention all around the world for fully being a hugely exciting and highly enjoyable mobile port of the PC and Xbox game. It also managed to bring a lot of tricks to people when they learned that Tencent Games released the mobile version of the game onto Chinese app stores only, meaning that would be gamers outside China had to download IPA and APK files in order to sideload the app onto their respective devices.

In fact, the game is written and narrated in Chinese language. Now, thanks to an update and new beta release, the Quantum & Lightspeed Studio version of the PUBG game is now available in the Canadian Play Store for Android devices, and it’s all in English language.

Unlike the Fortnite Mobile version, the PUBG game is not cross-play compatible. Bluehole, PUBG’s original developer, claims to have supervised the development of the mobile version of the game, and the news was confirmed on PUBG Mobile’s official Facebook page. Similar to the PC and Xbox One versions of the game, PUBG Mobile supports up to 100 players per match. Combatants are dropped into an 8×8 km map and tasked with finding weapons, vehicles and various upgrades, with an only ultimate goal of being the last player left standing.

Those unaware, Tencent released two versions of the game, one made by Quantum & Lightspeed Studio and one made by Timi Studio. The latter focuses on land, sea, and air battles and generally goes by the name “Army Attack,” whereas the former is generally considered an actual like-for-like port of the original PlayerUnknown’s Battleground game.

Lucky gamers in Canada, are now able to grab that like-for-like version of PUBG Mobile version – dubbed Exhilarating Battle – and play it in English in an official capacity. However, if you aren’t in Canada, then worry not as we do actually have an APK file available for you to download from here, completely free.

This is a great step forward for Tencent Games, which is clearly looking to roll out the PUBG Mobile phenomenon to gamers across the world, but in a strict and phased release period, North America is next to get the new English version of the game. This release will definitely keep those in Canada happy, meaning that they can enjoy the game without having to translate from Chinese to English. Hopefully, there’ll be additional releases going forward for more international markets.

(Download: PUBG Mobile for Android in English from the Canadian Play Store)

Not living in Canada? No problem! Download the APK file of the English version linked in the post above and enjoy the game on your Android device in a full glory!

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