PUBG Mobile English Version For iOS Released On iPhone And iPad

Great news for battle royale gaming fans! It is now possible for mobile gamers in Canada to download and rejoice PUBG Mobile in English language on Apple’s iOS platform. The release comes after the title on Android, residents of Canda are being afforded a luxury by Tencent Mobile which has yet to be extended to any other region/country outside of China.

The version of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround took the world by storm when Tencent Mobile worked in conjunction with two development studios to build and release the title into the Chinese market.

Dubbed PUBG, the same title also managed to become a phenomenon in China, also captured the attention of the global gaming community, too. The interest in setting up involved gamers downloading the game in Chinese language and going through lengthy steps to translate the language to English in order to play it. It was hard and a bit confused to set off a chain of actions.

One of the company’s main partners Lightspeed & Quantum Studio built the Exhilarating Battle version where PUBG game is concerned. With that said, the “like-for-like” port of the original PC version, the English variant, which subsequently was released then to the Canadian Play Store for Android for gamers in that region to download in an official capacity.

It has now been released into the Canadian iOS App Store meaning that iPhone and iPad owners can get involved in the mobile port of PUBG in English language, as long as they are having iOS-powered device which meets the minimum install requirements and which is connected to Apple’s Canadian App Store.

This officially licensed version of the original type of gameplay built upon the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 4 platform, means gamers are going to get a buttery-smooth experience on Apple’s latest hardware.

If you own one of those devices, fancy title being dropped into an 8-by-8 kilometer battlefield with 99 other players with the aim of fighting until you’re the last-man-standing, then this is definitely the game quest for you. If you are Canadian, of course. Grab it right now from the direct iTunes download link below.

(Download: PUBG Mobile by Tencent Mobile International Limited for iPhone and iPad on the App Store)

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