Download: PUBG Mobile Official Emulator For PC By Tencent Released

Tencent and its developer team behind the hugely popular PUBG and PUBG Mobile games, has released its own PUBG Mobile emulator, which allows gamers to play on a computer but sign into the PUBG Mobile servers first. Playing the mobile PUBG gamers are playing rather than that designed for PCs.

All this comes just after other third-party emulators were made available, and Tencent has now given gamers the first-party solution to something which was only previously offered by third-parties.

That release, which is available to download for Windows PC for free, comes a few weeks after Tencent development team started to make changes within its PUBG Mobile game in order to spot when gamers were using emulators.

This has been done only to ensure that those doing so would not be paired with real mobile gamers, giving those with a mouse and keyboard and unfair advantage. Importantly, anyone using the new emulator will be paired against others who are also using emulation, hopefully ensuring mobile gamers are able to play against others on mobiles without fear of being picked off by someone with an unfair advantage.

PUBG Mobile players struggling to survive the grand battle royale have a new problem to worry about. Crafty players using emulation and computer mouse and keyboard are playing the game, facing down other players with a massive advantage. Reportedly, a subset of PUBG Mobile players are using devices such as Chromecast or emulators to pair Bluetooth devices with their game client and use mouse/keyboard controls.

The most common method is with an easy-to-use Android emulator called Bluestacks, allowing players to assign keyboard shortcuts to the various on-screen buttons that are normally sued to play PUBG Mobile. Once this is done, everything works like the original game rather than a mobile port.

Now that Tencent itself has pushed out its PUBG Mobile emulator, you won’t be facing many issues. Once downloaded the emulator can be signed into using the same account previously used for PUBG Mobile gaming, negating the need for multiple accounts to be set up just to use the emulator.

Well, we’re still in a situation where we sit on PUBG Mobile emulation, but if you really must play a mobile game on a Windows computer, with a keyboard and a mouse even when the “real” PUBG is available on PC, then this undoubtedly the best way to go about it. Happy hunting!

Head over to the following URL to get started:

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