PUBG Mobile Dogtags Feature Issued, Here’s What You Need To Know

PUBG Mobile game is the hottest which just cannot stay out of the news right now, not actually this is a bad thing for maker Tencent obviously. The latest comes out after the official PUBG Twitter account shared news today that Dogtags are now part of the PUBG Mobile experience.

According to some players see people with dog tags and a bullet around their neck, but very few people have it. Does it signify anything? A tweet with accompanying image, gamers can expect to be able to pick up Dogtags for a range of different things including completing matches, killing other players or simply just logging in.

If you notice carefully that sometimes a random member of a squad ends up with dog tags around their neck during the match. While it is not clear at what extent the Dogtags will be handed out to players but no matter how often they do get their new Dogtags, they’ll be able to swap their new tags for in-game goodies that will apparently let them trick their characters out, adding new clothes and accessories as they move forward.

However, the addition of Dogtags to PUBG Mobile is simply the latest change that sees the mobile version of the game gain additional functionality that gives it more of a feel of a fully loaded game rather than a stripped down smartphone version of something which is much bigger, more complete experience.

Both PUBG and Fortnite, the competition in the marketplace right now, continue to update their titles to grow and that’s likely to be key factor in their ongoing success.

We told you recently how Fortnite itself has today received a new upgrade which adds new weaponry and fixes bugs, further highlighting the developer’s commitment to providing the best feature-rich experience possible.

With both Fortnite and PUBG continuing to alter it out for the attention of an ever-growing mobile gaming market that can only be seen as excellent news for those of gamers who just want great games.

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