PUBG Mobile Season 2 Advancing In China, May Roll Out Globally Soon

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is the only advancing mobile gaming right now, as we are sure the folks who love them some Fortnite would like to argue about that fact.

No matter which of the two you find yourself playing, and if you’re a PUBG fan in China, you’re likely enjoying something a little bit more than those of us in the rest of the world.

That’s because Chinese users are currently working their way through Season 2 of PUBG Mobile and have been underway for a couple of weeks or so. That new season brings with it some more rewards, upon the standard two that everyone else enjoys. But it’s not all that good now, leaderboard rankings and tiers saw a soft reset while statistics were completely refreshed when Season 2 kicked off.

At this point, we go nothing about when Season 2 of PUBG Mobile will find its way outside of China and into the hands of mobile gamers around the globe, but we can only hope that it is not too far off yet. The scuttlebutt online would suggest that we can expect the switch-over to take place in the coming weeks, maybe by the end of May.

Whether you’re playing through Season 2 or Season 1, we’re sure you’re having a whale of a time and if you haven’t tried PUBG Mobile at all, now would be an absolutely great time to give it a try. For the final act, we’ll have to wait until the switch is flicked in order to be very sure.

What you have been waiting for?!

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