PUBG Mobile Timi Studio 1.0.8 Patch Notes Details FPP And More

Good news for the fans of the extremely popular PUBG Mobile game has been detailed. The activity where PUBG is concerned, there is so much excitement that it’s actually difficult to keep of what’s going on.

The latest development relates to the Timi Studio version of the title, which otherwise focuses on land, sea, and air battles, and now adds an excellent first-person-perspective mode to the game, which is something players have been crying out for with PUBG Mobile.

The first instance putting into account that this particular version of PUBG Mobile is classified as the second-class citizen of the PUBG world. Also, it means that this is the version which concentrates on land, sea, and air battles, and it isn’t the like-for-like cloned version which gamers all over the world are enjoying.

It’s worth mentioning that this version doesn’t currently have a global English variant and is currently only available in Chinese app stores. However, it still has a growing and extremely healthy circumstances, such as user base, meaning that large updates like this version 1.0.8 update are extremely well received.

One of the main improvements and alterations it gets with this release is the fact that it offers a brand new first-person-perspective mode. By that, is a feature recently introduced into version 0.6.1 of the Chinese Quantum & Lightspeed Studio version. Timi Studio has also introduced new gaming modes, such as Expert Mode and new social mechanics which literally makes finding and interacting with friends a lot easier and a lot more mobile friendly. Enhancements to comfortable actions have also been made to the chat interface within the game as well as the built-in matching interface.

To make the overall experience a lot more enjoyable for gamers, Timi Studio also heavily focused on gameplay mechanics, which includes optimizing the experience when using 8x lens on a weapon or the trajectory vision. It’s also possible to automatically record wonderful moments and save them directly to photo albums on the device internally.

Version 0.6.1 of the Quantum & Lightspeed Studio variant of the title already has a number of these features and improvements, but you would expect that as that is the version which ultimately is available globally. For those that prefer having their battles on land, sea, and air, it’s great to see that a lot of focus is being lavished on making this version as good as it can be.

Complete patch notes of PUBG Mobile 1.0.8 Timi version can be seen below:

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