PUBG Mobile Update 0.4.0 Patch Notes For iOS, Android Released [Global English Version]

Tencent Mobile and Quantum & Lightspeed Studio’s continue to share patch notes for upcoming 0.4.0 version of the game for the global market. Now, the PUBG Mobile update is not available yet, will come after the companies involved had initially provided the same update to the Chinese market so that both language versions will soon be in parity with one another.

The PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile game has managed to catapult itself into being one of the hottest properties on the App Store and Play Store at the time, and it’s not really hard to see why when you interact with the game and experience the mass battle royale offering that it brings to the small screen.

It is a popular one right now, games like this only remain flavor of the moment as long as the companies behind them adapt and bring new changes and improvements. Nevertheless, as the changelog and patch notes for version 0.4.0 show, Tencent will be doing its job when this version comes out to English-speaking countries worldwide.

First of all, Tencent will be otherwise pushing out screen and performance optimizations with this new update. A lot of these changes and improvements introduce themselves in the form of new models being added with additional support for ultra-high and high frames.

Alternatively, there are also improvements to the performance of big weaponry, models, and individual scenarios that will be added. Tencent will also be attaching a highly welcomed “adaptive mode” which will basically allow the game to adapt and change its performance based on the physical limitations of the user’s device.

Also, the gamers will find some significant improvements to the gaming interface including an improved bag interface, the addition of nitros to vehicles, motorcycle flip buttons, and an option to open doors automatically where applicable.

In addition to PUBG Mobile improvements, there will also be a number of bugs and under-the-hood improvements, including the segment of better cheat detection, a number of issues squashed and removed, and even the threat of legal action against who are found to be cheating, using modifications, or using third-party apps to access PUBG Mobile for ill-gotten gains.

Version 0.4.0 of the PUBG Mobile English title looks set for release soon on relevant app stores on Android and iOS, should be available to download when it rolls out in the coming days.

Until that minute, you can check out the full patch notes from the upcoming release below for your own perusal:

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