PUBG Mobile War Mode Coming To iOS And Android [Video]

Many avid PUBG Mobile gamers may very well enjoy this new War Mode soon. Many fans may also argue that these five PUBG Mobile features should be in the main title. As PUBG Mobile looks set to go one step suther in its quest for feature parity with the non-mobile version of the game with the video appearing online of the much talked about War Mode having made its way to mobile.

Shared via YouTube and subsequently posted to social media shows a Chinese user playing the new mode and, as you might expect, it’s just like the War Mode everyone knows over in the non-mobile world of PUBG.

For you unknowing people, War Mode brings team deathmatch gaming to the world of PUBG Mobile. While normal PUBG battles are the battle royale variety, whereas War Mode is something more conventional in that gamers are in one of two teams with the aim being to rack up as many kills as possible.

Players who are shot will respawn at regular intervals too, but they will not need to take the same cautious approach that many gamers enjoy about PUBG.

This all figures out that War Mode is relatively a polarizing feature. Thus meaning some will enjoy being able to re-spawn once killed, other believe that the battle royale format is what makes PUBG Mobile so great with one user saying that they were “Not looking forward to it at all. The best part about PUBG is the fact that you have t be so safe and stealthy because you can only live once.” Obviously, that mode is still around so gamers will be able to choose which they want to play when firing up the game.

Right now it appears to show that this new War Mode is only available to those running the latest beta in China, but it’s only a matter of time until the new game mode goes live not only in the shipping release in China, but worldwide.

(Source: Viral Vibes [YouTube])

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