PUBG War Deathmatch-Style Custom Game Mode: Here’s What You Need To Know

It seems like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer team has quietly introduced a new custom game option called PUBG “War.” The new mode is essentially a deathmatch-style gaming experience for Windows PC owners, it features a respawn timer, and when it expires, players will reappear on the map. And more has been detailed below.

The secretive new mode appears to have rolled out alongside the game Tequila Sunrise game mode, which was the option released yesterday, but unfortunately, it isn’t actually playable by all gamers just yet.

The new features have reportedly been spotted in the PUBG game itself, there has been no official information about the War Mode from Tencent, neither on its social media channels nor on its website.

Rather bizarrely, it seems that the makers of PUBG are looking to keep quite about the new option, while the developers haven’t made a loud noise about this new mode either, with nothing being released via Steam or Twitter to announce the new playable mode.

Instead, they choose some plucky PUBG gamers who happen to be classed as PUBG “partners.” That’s because the new War game mode is only currently available to them, individuals who are classed as PUBG partners which allows them to create custom games within the PUBG universe.

As is the case that the War Mode is available only as a custom game mode. Gamers can tweak the title’s rules in the setup screen by selecting a starting area and player loadout for all the PUBG players. Individuals who stream their gameplay and have larger followers in order to best promote the game title and draw more individuals into the gaming environment are having that partner status.

With that said, if you are a PUBG gamer and manage to get access to one of the custom games which has been created, then you would indeed get to experience the new War Mode. This is actually a gaming structure that’s more like most battle royale games, but it comes with the addition of total all-out carnage from the get-go and the ability for players to respawn after death.

This particular mode limits gamers to a small area of PUBG’s Erangel map and basically makes sure that total destruction and multiple kills are initiated almost immediately. The game where players drop into a small area on the West coast of Erangel with a UMP and a helmet, and at the top left corner, a player’s rank and a respawn timer can be seen.

For those who can’t access this mode, and who have little hope of getting through to play in a custom game set up by one of PUBG’s “partners,” then there is always the brand new Tequila Sunrise game mode which is currently running and will last until 7MP Pacific Time on Sunday, April 8.

Like War, Tequila Sunrise seems to want to promote up close and personal combat by restricting weapons drops to shotguns and melee weapons. Once a player gets killed, he will have to wait for the respawn timer to reset, before dropping back into the game when it hits 0.

Good luck with getting into the new War game mode, but, if not, don’t forget to share some samples of what Tequila Sunrise is all about.

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