PUBG Xbox Update 12 Released With Patch Notes, Here Are The Details

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds title is without a doubt the biggest name in the gaming world right now although the Fortnite fans may have a thing or two to say about that.

With a PUBG Mobile USA English version 0.4.0 release now out of the way, the developer behind the game, Tencent has turned its attention to getting a new Xbox One PUBG update out the door. And with its release today we are in receipt of a host of important bug fixes.

Here, with those fixes, also have some cosmetics that have been added via a Western Military Crate that can be earned with Battle Points.

It already received a Battle War mode, the new patch notes released, officially dubbed Patch 12 for those who are keeping tabs, is a laundry list of gameplay and interface fixes that will supposedly see your biggest battle, gripe rectified, whatever that may be.

You will find a newly optimized vehicle system, for example, as well as a fix for a problem which saw voice chat cause crashes for some gamers. Those of you, who like their user interfaces to be just right will also be pleased to see that a bug which caused layouts to be misaligned has now been rectified, squashed, too.

The full Patch Notes of Xbox PUBG update 12 details:

Being a PUBG fan and playing it on Xbox One, now would be a very good time to try everything out, immediately.

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