Ultimate: Google To Launch “Buy” Button For Its Mobile Search Results

Google “Buy” Button Set to Disrupt eBay and Amazon's Business

Soon you’ll be able to buy products directly from Google search results? Why that? The new feature that Google working on will allow you to purchase Google products directly through the sponsored ad results in Google’s Mobile Search, as the search giant announced that it will be available only in the United States. Decsribed and detailed below!

If this happens, Google will nodoubt going to shake up online shopping, including e-commerce websites, biggies like Walmart, eBay, Amazon etc.

How Google search’s new “Buy” button works?

Simply! When an advertisement for a product appears in search results, you’ll be able to click on that product and select the checkout option if you really want to buy it. The company is also going to deep link apps from shopping ads, which means that if you have an eBay app installed on your phone, you’ll be directed to thje eBay app if a product fromthat source appears in your mobile serach results.

Alternatively, the comapny also making it very easy to shop online by rolling out a new feature called coversational voice search, which is more intelligent. Where you can ask Google Now a shopping-related query in natural language (English), and it will pull up the answer for your search. For example, you can ask for the resolution of a specific camera model, and Google will pull it up. Great!

Nevertheless, Google is also adding yet another option, few new cards to Google Now that make it easier to shop. Buying is another choice, and the new reviews card will show you reviews for a particular product when you ask. A new price drop card will show you when ceratin item is on sale, too.

However, the new service is currently undergoing testing, but we know it goes by the name of Purchases on Google. Essentially, it will work as follows: users will be able to search for any product and get shopping results in the form of Google-styled cards. Customers can later choose to buy the suggested items using Google’s pre-stored payment credentials such as Google Wallet, Android Pay etc.

The service would also take into account all the usual factors, including location, nearby stores and pricing options. Purchases with Google should be arriving just in time for back-to-school season, but those are only assumptions.

What do you think about shopping results on mobile searches will make buying anything a breeze, but this could also bring negative effects. Share yours!


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