Purported Moto X And Moto G (2016) Mobile Images Leaked

It was expected from the Lenovo-owned company as it’s CEO Yang said that the company will be launching major smartphones this year 2016 in the U.S. around mid-July under the Moto brand. Possible images of two Moto mobiles have been emerged into the web online, claiming that are the Moto X (2016) and the Moto G (2016) models.

Leaked in a set of images, both the Moto X and Moto G shown by Hellomotohk suggesting that Lenovo is extremely working on phones under Moto logo. According the website, the images shows up 2016 edition Moto X and Moto G apparently. Both the phones pose similar sleek design and also comes with plastic colored rear back, which would likely be the Moto G 2016 model and with metal body the Moto X 2016 variant.

If these images are truely acquired by the source, then we can consider them the 2016 Moto flagships and users will be able to change the rear panels with their desired color options, same as how they done with older Motorola phones.

The Lenovo CEO also said that the new batch of Moto phones will be launched in July and comes with “more innovative” design, more “attractive” and more. Although, it has said that Lenovo is keeping the Moto name for its high-end range of smartphone lineup. And the shell of the phone shown in images have Lenovo branding at the bottom.

Nothing is officially confirmed, but if these images are accurate then, they are notably the next-generation Moto X and Moto G 2016 mobiles.

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