Real-World OnePlus 3 Vs iPhone 6s Speed Test [Video]

Confusions there about smartphones that come with higher specifications on paper are going to perform way better compared to devices with a minimal lower specs set, then you really couldn’t be more wrong. In reality that varies the difference and for that you have to read the complete post here.

You may find yourself consistently buying and using one of Apple’s iPhones as your main hardware. Or you may be an Android fan who uses the smartphone of one of the various manufacturers who build devices for that platform. Or you could choose another different phone from Microsoft, Windows Phone, etc.


It’s always great to see two flagship devices pocked against one another to see which performs better, regardless of your platform of choice. With that in mind, will it be the OnePlus 3 or Apple’s iPhone 6s that take the crown?

On this end, the OnePlus 3 should theoretically be the clear winner in this challenge. Packing a whopping 6GB of RAM with an accompanying top-line quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820-series processor, the brand new OnePlus 3 is official. The iPhone 6s on the other hand is nearly a year old, has a partly 2GB of RAM by comparison, just equipped with a dual-core CPU under-the-hood. When you look at the technical perspective, the Chinese-manufactured OnePlus 3 should beat the iPhone 6s in its dust. But nevertheless, Apple’s iPhone 6s may have technically worse specs, essentially outperforms the challenger, as has been proven many times before.

The speed-test video makes earnestly interesting watching for anyone who has been considering to purchasing a OnePlus 3 device as their next smartphone hands-on. That almost struggles launching apps, and been one thing that most users spend their time actually doing. Even the memory management and multitasking capabilities appear to be almost non-existence, meaning that the OnePlus 3 had to actually re-lanch the apps from a clod start as part of the second lap of the test, this despite having 6GB of RAM. The iPhone 6s was able to gain a better advantage over the OnePlus 3 thanks to how it powerfully manages running apps in the background.

Check out the video for yourself right away. It’s your choice now, with poor performance be enough to prevent you from purchasing a OnePlus 3, especially considering it has been proved to fall short against the iPhone 6s and Samsung’s Galaxy S7? Or else, leaving the OnePlus as a highly capable device?

(source: C4ETech [YouTube])

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