The First Preview Of Red’s $1200 Hydrogen One Smartphone Is Here [Video]

Of course it’s bigger than the iPhone 7 Plus, the Red’s forthcoming $1200 Hydrogen One smartphone is enormous, thanks to the video that Marques Brownlee just posted to YouTube.

RED, the company you may familiar with its super-high-end and insanely good video recording equipment, announced not long ago that it would be entering the smartphone market with the RED Hydrogen One. We here have a few more details about Red’s upcoming smartphone.

Take a look at a few different protoypes of the RED hardware: a non-working unit that represents what the final phone will look like, one that shows off the phone’s new “holographic display,” and a third that was a full, separate camera module with its own lens and sensor.

Aside from having the best name of any smartphone ever to be announced, the handset has a few interesting features that could eventually make it a sleeper hit, although only if power-users decide that the $1,000 and upwards required to get into one it worth it.

Overall, this was still just another big glimpse from RED, which has also been showing the phone to celebrities like Brad Pitt. Considering the only view we have seen of the thing is one press render, which has been so difficult to get an original feel for what RED has in store. Now though, friend of RED and YouTuber MKBHD, as his mother calls him, has been treated to something of a hands-on with some prototype devices and as you might imagine, he made a video about it.

First off, this thing is huge. The Hydrogen One is “about the same size as an Apple’s current iPhone 7 Plus – with a case on it.” While the video doesn’t go in depth too much given the Hydrogen One’s current development status and we don’t actually see one powered on, we do now have our first real look at what the smartphone will be. It’s rugged. That actually does not do the phone justice, because while it does look rugged to a point, it als looks stunning, though, if you like boxy, rigid-looking smartpohones, which we personally do.

That’s not terribly surprising, considering how RED wants this phone to be packed with bleeding-edge tech, while also want to serve as the base for a potential;ly huge modular camera system. A thin, small phone would be no good for that.

RED Hydrogen One Vs iPhone 7 Plus vs OnePlus 5 Comparison

During the video, we saw the 5.5-inch display around front with two speakers flaking a RED logo at the bottom of the device. The power button and fingerprint scanner are on the right with two speakers volume up and down buttons on the left. The reason behind putting those buttons aside, being split up is the design on both edges of the Hydrogen One with a kind of finger grip-friendly situation going on. A first blush, it may look worse, but the more you look, the more it makes sense.

There’s a dedicated video record button and dual-camera setup that was hard to make out in the original press image. And yes, there’s still a headphone jack at the bottom. Brownlee says he was shown content that was shot specifically for this “four dimensional” screen, as well as 2D video that was then converted to take advantage of the tech. He says the screen creates a “crazy, deep, sort of 3D look,” but noting that there was some light bleeding at the edges of the screen and some stuttering in the motion.

RED told Brownlee that it should have progress on development in the next month or so. Brownlee says that RED will have a working prototype unit within the next 30–45 days, so let the wait continue.

(Source: MKBHD [YouTube])

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