Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 ‘Fandom Edition’ Expected To Launch Next Month

Samsung is expected to revive Galaxy Note 7 with new Fandom Edition, which is well confirmed to be launching in July 2017. As we haven’t heard much about it, though, since Samsung confirmed its plans to sell the device pretty soon, next month. Here are the details.

Galaxy Note 7 FE?
Today more than enough information has been surfaced regarding the phone and its release may have leaked out. Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy Note 7 FE in South Korea on July 7th, say sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal. The “FE” in the device’s name is said to stand for “Fandom Edition.”

It seems like Samsung Electronics Co. is quietly rejuvenating its in-famous Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. With a new refurbished version of the premium smartphone. All that also expected that Samsung will have at most 400,000 Galaxy Note 7 FE phones available for the three major South Korean carriers. Pricing will reportedly be under 700,000 KRW ($614 USD).

It’s also said that Samsung will have a modest” amount of Galaxy Note 7 FE units available for other unannounced countries. First, it won’t sell the Note 7 FE in the U.S., so Note fans there will just have to keep waiting for the Galaxy Note 8.

Plus, Samsung is also rumored to be cooking up a Galaxy Note 8 that’ll debut in the coming months.But maybe Samsung just has some leftover Note 7 units that it wants to offload, and it figures that it can offer them as a more affordable option to the new Note 8.

Would you buy a Galaxy Note 7 FE if it were offered in your country, without any debacle, now?

(Source: WSJ)

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