Reliance Jio Summer Surprise Offer, Share Price: Get 100GB Of Free 4G Data With These packs

About Reliance Jio

The largest 4G network in India offers high-speed mobile internet connection is now offering a Summer Surprise plan for those existing and non-existing customers of Reliance Jio 4G – an engaging digital ecosystem for a seamless experience. Here are the details you definitely don’t want to miss.

Reliance Jio Summer Surprise Offer Details
Reliance Jio offers a unique combination of telecom, high download speed 4G internet data, digital commerce, media streaming and payment services. The Reliance Jio Summer Surprise shares Jio Prime users with 100GB of 4G data for three months, price for free with recharge values of only Rs. 999 and above. But the heavily advertised Rs. 303 and of course, Rs. 499 plan come with daily limits and caps on how much data you can use.

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What’s next?

If you are among the Reliance Jio users list who do not want to  be restricted by any such limitations, the operator has packs with Rs. 999 or higher values. Take a look at what actually they are offering.

First and foremost, the Reliance Jio 4G data packs starts at Rs 11 to Rs. 999. If you buy the recharge card of Rs 999 or more value, you will get 100GB of 4G data for three months as part of the Jio Summer Surprise offer. The operator alongside also provides unlimited free calls, roaming, 100 SMS text messages per day, and a subscription to Jio apps.

In fact, there is no restriction on the data you use per day, though the maximum free 4G data by Reliance Jio will be applicable for April-June period, which is limited to 100GB. After the completion of 3 months of free services, the Rs. 999 (or higher value) packs comes into effect, providing you bundled 4G data as per the recharge value.

Note: When someone or any company says this, “Unlimited 4G Data”, then you must accept the fact that it will be limited, and nothing is going for ever.

Something like that, there’s a catch though with the Reliance Jio Summer Surprise offer value of Rs. 999. If you exhaust the given 100GB data cap at some point between April and June (3 months time period), you will be restricted to 128Kbps. If you want high-speed data, you will once again have to buy a Booster Pak.

The prices for Reliance Jio Booster Packs are as follows:

The major difference between the Jio Summer Surprise offer benefits for packs priced at Rs 999 or above and the Rs 303 or INR 499 packs is the FUP. For example, if you don’t see yourself consuming more than 2GB of 4G data on any given day, the Rs. 499 plan would suffice for you, as it will lend you a total of 168GB of data in the three months of complimentary Reliance Jio service. While the Rs 303 plan, also gives you 8GB of 4G data, though.

Jio Summer Surprise offer benefits:

Final word about Reliance Jio Summer Surprise offer is that, you have until April 15 to avail the free benefits by simply signing up for the Jio Prime services. Get started nowor neve!

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