Renders Hints At Apple’s 18W Fast Charger To Ship In The Box Of 2018 iPhone Lineup

Something rumored in the past has proven any annoyance for recent iPhone purchasers is the fact that while their devices do support fast charging, Apple does not offer the hardware required for it to work in the retail box.

Owners instead have to buy fast chargers separately from Apple itself or alternatively via third-parties to make the magic free work, with both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X supporting USB Type-C charging capabilities.

Speculations all around suggested that the 2018 lineup of iPhones will rectify that by including new high capacity chargers in each iPhone x, and now that becomes evident as we have some 3D renders of what that may look like.

Shared by folks over at ChargerLab, the renders hints at showing a charger with a USB Type-C connector on the top, ready to receive a Lighting-to-USB Type-C cable. Otherwise, this is what would be required to make fast-charging work, and would eventually be included in the box. While presumably, the charger shown here is for a European iPhone, UK and US chargers would actually look very similar although they would obviously ship with their respective pin configuration depending on the country in which they are sold.

As per ChargerLab notes, the charger itself would carry an 18W rating which would represent quite the update from the 5W charger that currently ships with each new iPhone and is something that should have happened with last year’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X launches, too. However, the move will see a redesign of the plug itself, according to ChargerLab.

This design breaks from tradition for Apple, as it’s thinner and not in that square-shaped white cube form factor. This will make it more convienient and portable. Using a USB-C for power delivery should result in significantly faster power delivery compared to the USB-A ports that Apple had been using since 2007.

Well, we’ll witness it for sure come September time!

(source: ChargerLab)

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