Renders Of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Leaked, Confirms USB Type-C Port, Rumored For August Unveil

New leaks appear to show off the Galaxy Note 7 design giving us our best glimpse of the device yet, with the blueprint hands-on, the famous Steve Hemmerstoffer of @OnLeaks treating us to not just one leak, but a couple. Design that what you would expect from the successor to the Note5 refined and also takes elements from the newly available Galaxy S7 Edge.

The first of those is a short video that, it is claimed, shows the Galaxy Note 7 with Samsung‘s now-familiar curved screen looking as gorgeous as ever. The second leak is more detailed look at the handset via renders based on the alleged blueprints, nevertheless, there’s no official confirmation as to exactly which version of the Note is depicted in the leaked scenario.


Surrounding Samsung’s next Galaxy Note release are nothing new, rumors with the most prominent being that the company is set to ditch the Galaxy Note 6 name this year, directly launching the Galaxy Note 7 or Note 7 Edge moniker.

With that said, Samsung want to streamline its product naming conversations in an attempt to make the generations less confusing for customers. Now that the Galaxy S7 currently on sale, it makes sense for the Galaxy Note to also carry the number 7 alongside it.

One of its better inclusion inside the new Galaxy Note would be the USB Type-C port, meaning this will be another high-profile handset to make the jump to the reversible USB format that has although struggled for traction recently. Micro-USB however has served the planet well for years, but this time around it will be changed for good and reasoning.


For now, we are not sure when the new Galaxy Note arriving – whatever it may be called – will be officially announced, within a mere two months. Regardless, there is every possibility that brings will change between now and tomorrow, and these latest round of leaks should be trusted completely, is a question. That being said, with the source being reliable, and we are not against it either, though.

(Source: uSwitch)

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