Report: Google Is Building Smart Features For Android ‘O’ To Showcase It At Google I/O In May

It seems like Google is very much working on bringing smart features for Android O to showcase its new mobile operating system at Google I/O. Reportedly, this year’s Google I/O will take place in May, but according to the rumors already hitting the web, detailing what we might see at the annual Google Developer Conference. Here’s something that we got you want to know briefly.

Since the release of Google Pixel and Pixel XL back in October last year, Google undoubtedly been working on the latest version of Android OS. As a matter of fact, a “source familiar with the subject” told Venturebeat we can expect Google to kick off few features that may or may not make their smart way into the final version of Android O.

Features like some new assistive additions for its Android mobile OS, Google has been developing, then to release it in the fall following multiple developer previews. As Google expected to unveil Android O at its I/O developer conference in May, some of the updates could help Google catch up with Apple, which has started enhancing its iOS apps with artificial intelligence, just as Google done on Android 7.0 Nougat.

First and foremost, Google has built its new features called “Copy Less”, which could eventually cut down on the annoyance of copying text from one app and pasting it in another, as the source speaks of the feature would be able to predict when you are trying to send an address to someone from, say, another app like Yelp. It’s unclear at the moment whether the feature would be added to Google’s standard-issue Gboard virtual keyboard app or Android itself. If and if this app would be part of an updated Gboard or if it will be backed into Android O is unknown.

Going to the next smart feature in the report describes one that catches Android up to iOS. Text will gain smart links that will apparently link the relevant info to its respective app. Phone numbers would open the dialer, addresses would open Maps, and Calendar dates could be quickly added from an email.

Now that the specific details about what Android O brings to the table comes with no surprise, but with Google reportedly focusing heavily on “smart features.” Especially after rolling out Google Assistant out to all Android Marshmallow and Nougat devices, Google literally doing its future work. Another possible feature detailed in the implementation of finger gestures, the final feature that source claims is the least likely to make it to the final iteration of Android O. This is one type of universal gesture similar to Huawei’s Knuckle/Knock Gestures, excet without using any knuckles. For example, if you are on the home screen and want to open the camera app, simply by drawing “C” on the screen will open the Camera. The same can be done for any other app, so long as a gesture is associated with it.

Google’s I/O 2017 Keynote will be held on May 17 through 19 at the same location it was done last year, The Shoreline Amphitheater. What are your hopes for Android O?

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