Report: Google Working On ‘Yeti’ Project Could Result For Big Game Streaming Service

The story begins with Google’s rumored “Yeti” project which could by means results to a big for Game streaming alternative. Companies such as Sony and Nvidia have been trying to make game streaming a thing for years, so gamers can skip the download process entirely and instead stream games online from the cloud.

In regards, Sony has a thing similar to that like PlayStation Now, according to a report, Google might be interested in working on a cloud-based streaming service for gamers, codenamed Yeti. For two years now and is close to the possible hardware.

Sony’s PS Now can stream games over the internet to a PS4 or PC, while Nvidia’s GeForce Now service does the same thing for the company’s Shield devices or a modern computer with a Nvidia graphics (GPU) chip. Otherwise, these services are very niche and rely on a relatively expensive console or PC to function.

However, to target them, a new project from Google called Yeti aimed at could break down many of those barriers by allowing users to stream games to Chromecast-compatible devices, or possibly on an all-new Google Home console.

If the reports are to be accurate, Google might be bringing in a new era of game streaming service ‘Yeti’, which includes a console and a controller to take on Nvidia and Sony easily. Google’s new online gaming service would work either on Chromecast or a Google-made console which is said currently under development.

Detailed in a report from The Information, Yeti was reportedly scheduled for release in late 2017, but for unknown reasons, the launch date has apparently been pushed back. The idea behind this with today’s faster internet speeds, Google could eventually host games on servers in the cloud and send graphical data to an individual, also significantly reducing the amount of computing power a person would actually need to have if they tried to do the same thing locally.

Yeti, a new project aimed at putting Google in a position in the video game business and lets users play games while streaming rather than downloading to disks and digitally. The same service will involve Google’s cloud service to broadcast the games to users over the internet.

Speaking about such services is simple, but implementing that kind of streaming involves many hurdles and issues. And this wouldn’t be the first time Google has experimented with gaming hardware, as both the Nexus Q in 2012 and Nexus Player in 2014 boasted the ability to play games and even came with optional gamepads. Since those systems were based on less powerful mobile chipsets, they didn’t have the ability to play modern, graphics-heavy AAA titles without a boost from something like Yeti.

The report also adds that Google team have discussed its plan with game developer, where it needs to be seen who or anyone of them would develop a game dedicated to Yeti or make a Yeti version of the games that are already available. In fact, Google hired Phil Harrison, a longtime video game industry veteran, who indicates the company plans on entering the video game business which is currently on the rise.

Considering that the big amount of revenue generated by Google from Play Store via advertising, it needs to be seen how Google plans on monetizing the service when it launches.

Google’s Yeti would also compete with similar ventures, apart from PS Now and GeForce Now, such as GameFly, Liquid Sky and Parsec. Though none of those companies have anywhere near the same resources. For now, all we wish and can do is sit back and wait for Google to figure out how to bring Yeti into reality.

(Source: The Information)

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