Report: Samsung Plus Qualcomm Both Partners Working On Galaxy S9 Already

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has only just shipped into the hands of customers but the rumor mill keep speculating about the Galaxy S9 in production already. So far the Galaxy S8 has been successfully received and met with positive reviews and high praises, but it looks like Samsung might not be wasting its time, rather showing interest in getting the Galaxy S9 ready this year, or next year early stages.

Samsung Galaxy S9 already in works

According to latest report, suggests that both Samsung and Qualcomm are reportedly working together on developing a new chip for the alleged Galaxy S9, which presumably will be launched in early 2018. The next-gen chip is rumored to be known as the Snapdragon 845 – successor to this year’s Qualcomm SD835, that is unless chip maker doesn’t release a slightly refreshed chipset later in the year they did with the SD821 last year. This: Nokia 9 Design May Look Even Better Than Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung and Qualcomm partnership has been for years, despite Samsung using Exynos chips in some of the Galaxy S8 models, also there are Galaxy S8 Snapdragon 835 variants on sale. For now, this is it and in any case not much is known about the SD845 or the Galaxy S9 at the moment, so take this news with a grain of salt. Worth checking out: Galaxy S8+ With 4GB RAM Vs iPhone 7 Plus With 3GB RAM, Camera, Speed, Drop Test [Comparison]

There is still no surprise of the rumors were true, since we’re sure that the company could at the very least be in the exploratory stages, though. Here’s How: You can easily Bypass Galaxy S8 Facial Unlocking feature with a Photo

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