Report: Snapchat Now Needs Location Services For All Filters

Snapchat is now asking users to turn on location services to use basic filters, as some users of the popular empheral messaging app have reported. What it hopes is its first feature Facebook chooses not to clone. The change purportedly came with the latest iteration of the app (version 2017.05.25). Here are the details on how to enable location services when using Snapchat filters.

It has been admitted that the change was seemingly introduced with the newer client-side update for Snapchat that started rolling out on the Google Play Store last week, with initial report claiming that the app wants to access user’s location even when they aren’t using Geofilters or its Speedometer. Users of Snapchat that have disabled location will see the following message appear when attempting to use filters.

Limited testing of the service on Monday confirmed as much, though the Venice, Los Angles-based company has yet to comment on the matter in any official format, provided that ever happens. Previously, Snapchat asked users to turn on location services only in case of using geofilters. Weirdly enough, users are reporting that the augmented reality facial recognition filters are still fully functional without the need to enable location services.

As aforementioned, the company is yet to explain the change, the latest release note speaks about the ability to “create a Story for friends in a specific location” which could be why the app asks for location. Snapchat’s new permission requests can still be circumvented by manually disabling the app’s Location Services permission from the system Settings menu on your device. Disabling its authorization to use your geographical location will get the filters to work once again that isn’t an intended feature of its design, though indicating that the app’s request to access a user’s location data for basic filters may be just a bug.

Regular Snapchat filters are used for making color adjustments and customization and similar minor changes to one’s photos and don’t rely on location data to function. This phenomenon was initially spotted in the Snapchat build version, with users running the 10.9.3 beta being unable to recreate the issue, which is another indication that the Location Services request may be a bug that will be eliminated in the near future.

There’s still good things to acknowledge, it might be the way to circumvent Snapchat’s permission request without granting it access to your location. While Snapchat has been working on ennobling its Android app in recent months to improve its performance and consequently expand its user acquisition rates that have been mostly reliant on the iOS ecosystem prior to Snap’s initial public offering (IPO). For now, this is it and it will remain to be seen whether the company’s recently established business strategy rurns out to be profitable in the long term, an update on its improvement should follow shortly.

Chances are there as this little loophole will soon be patched – which you’ll likely have to buckle down and eventually grant Snap access to your location if you really want to continue using its filters.

(source: Reddit)

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