Reports: Apple TV Finally Getting Voice Dictation With tvOS 9.2 Update

As the latest tvOS 9.2 beta 3 adds Bluetooth keyboard ssupport, folders and more to Apple TV hardware and seeded to developers who are registered, and one was missing that we haven’t talked about. Introduced a long awaited and so called “Future of Television” just got a lot easier to use now. Apple TV adds voice dictation to its Media player set.


Third tvOS 9.2 beta allows users to dictate text and spell out names and passwords, simply eliminating the need to use the remote to type each letter. One of the biggest complaints with the Apple TV 4 at launch was text entry. Although the video streamer supported Siri but didn’t get dictation for quick search boc and user account entry seemed bizarre.

After integrating dictation in Apple tvOS 9.2 beta 3, you all television users can speak into the Siri remote to ener text into any field that previously required a slow and cumbersome series of swipes and clicks across a horizontal row of letters. Why every Apple TV users are excited about adding voice dictation, is because the TV remote doesn’t actually work as we think like.


Features and capabilities that Apple TV Voice dictation brings can change the futuristic art work. While speaking to Siri remote you can set the time, time to watch tv, re-enter apssword, fine tune, backspace, etc. Dictation supports the spelling of user names and passwords and the update also introduces the ability to search the App Store from anywhere in the Apple TV interface by just holding the Siri button and speaking commands like “Search the App Store for Plex” or “What games are in the Store?”.

The tvOS update also rectifies other long-standing complaints by adding support for Bluetooth keyboard, iCloud Photo Libraries, and Live Photos. There’s the ability to group apps into folders on the Apple TV home screen same as you find on iOS.

New features in tvOS 9.2 beta 3 demoed in video by MacRumors:

Apple TVs to receive the final tvOS 9.2 update in the spring, and that too with an official date likely to be expected at the rumored March 15th media event. Stay tuned!

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