Reports: Samsung Galaxy S8 To Use AI Assist Across All Its Native Apps

Samsung reportedly putting up attention on the Galaxy S8’s AI assistant called Bixby, which will be integrated in the 2017 flagship smartphone’s native apps. Currently, we still don’t have the clearest picture as yet, but some details might be coming to light.The source here claims that the Viv-based, voice-guided helper (Bixby) will have a presence in all of the phone’s including stock Samsung-made apps. You can know more right after this jump.

If that’s the case, for example, you can use it in the Gallery app to show you photos of the park with the help of AI assistant on pre-installed apps. Bixby is said to be the smart digital assistant that will come loaded on the phone and will be more intuitive and advanced than Samsung’s S Voice.

However, this isn’t a radical development when both Google Photos and iOS 10 can accomplish similar feats, but Bixby is replacing S Voice, Samsung’s aging in-house software. Only point is to offer software smart enough that you don’t need to turn to another assistant.

This new technology that Samsung going to introduce is Bixby. Product of Viv Labs, acquired by the company in October this year. How exactly it works? The smart voice assistant will play a role like what Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana does. Also said that it will have contextual awareness in helping answering questions or even suggesting actions without specifying anything.

The Korean electronics giant had already tipped the fact and also hinted that you won’t need to dive into specific apps to perform many tasks. There’s still an offer support for third-party apps. Again, these aren’t new to Bixby, but definitely represent a big leap over what S Voice can do.

Samsung will also focusing quickly on updating its native apps with a new UI in order to incorporate Bixby more naturally. Major tech companies including Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft are betting on AI assistant. Now, the big question is how Google reacts to this new AI. What happens when its largest Android hardware partner builds technology that effectively replaces its pride and joy?

(Source: SamMobile)

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