The Retina MacBook Finally Gets USB Type-C External Battery And Dock

What would be the primary feature of newly launched 12-inch Retina MacBook? Yes, it’s the USB Type-C port that can both charge the battery and on the same time connect other devices, but only as long as you have an adapter. Now that a new accessory from the makers of the Magnetic Organization System (MOS) is indeed to be the promising USB Type-C friendly external battery that your MacBook merit.

Currently exsiting accessories for you system can only recharge the Retina MacBook via USB-C, but nevertheless this newly announced Reach Go is the “world’s first power bank that can charge a laptop battery at full speed”.

USB Type-C on Retina MacBook means one powerful backup battery to rule them all. The MOS’s new Reach Go is a hefty 15,000 mAh battery that charges by USB-C, and has three output ports: two traditional USBs and one of the new Type-C variety. It also has a 100-watt USB-C charge controller inside, which evidently means that this battery can make use of the extra power bandwidth that USB-C affords. Charging from here is as fast as plugging into a wall, or even the battery can charge a tablet, and a phone at the same time.

The Reach Go is the first USB-C battery package that can boast that speed and power. Goes on sale this fall. Retails at $99, and offers 15,000 mAh of extra power that can be used to recharge both USB-C and USB 3.0 devices. Additionally, the accessory can also be used as a USB 3.0 hub, the company says.

Right now, there are only a few gadgets that have a matching one (like the new Macbook and Googles new Chromebook) but more are coming soon. You can only register for purchase-related updates for the time being. Check out the device for yourself here.

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