iOS 11 ARKit Demo Shows Real-World Maps Navigation And Augmented Reality

It was during WWDC opening keynote when Apple introduced ARKit for iOS 11, a new framework that allows you to easily create unparalleled augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad. When it was announcing, it looked pretty cool but few people really grasped what it would be capable of beyond allowing developers to create some cool games.

Less than two months after the announcement of ARKit with iOS 11, now Apple’s amazing community of developers has already created many concepts of what we can expect when ARKit and iOS 11 ship later this year that we are all excited by what they are building. A pair of new videos surfaced, actually released by developer Andrew Hart – make us more excited to know about, and think you will see exactly why when you watch them as well. We have seen a plethora of great uses of the tech from developers already.

Notably, ARKit combines device motion tracking, camera scene capture, advanced scene processing, and display conveniences to simplify the task of building an AR. Today’s examples are not confirmed to be the final launch products for augmented reality apps coming down the line.

Turn-by-turn navigation on smartphones is nothing new at all, and we have been driving around with this for years. Walking directions are a thing now, too, but it would not be amazing if you could look at real world and see navigation arrows, showing you exactly where you need to be headed? Google’s Glass spectacles promised this, but iOS 11 and ARKit can do it right now, and all without you walking around looking like a insane person.

The latest useful example in the ARKit video shows up how informational augmented reality can improve navigation and Maps POI. The videos released by Hart show street-level navigation with giant arrows and markers that show walkers exactly where to go, with everything displayed atop the real world thanks to the magic of AR, complete with bold arrows and lines to follow.

Another video posted earlier by the same Twitter user shows AR providing maps info for various landmarks. This is one of those implementations that has the potential to change the way we move around cities we are not familiar with, and we can’t wait to be able to try it for ourselves. Check the videos out and you will definitely see what we mean exactly.

With no need for additional hardware, a massive installed use base, and developers cranking out new uses everyday. Unfortunately, the ARKit won’t be available to fully experience on our devices until later this fall, iOS 11 won’t arrive until later this year, likely September. But the good news is that gives developers plenty of time to fine tune their work.

We could be seeing some truly impressive apps arrive when ARKit does come as part of iOS 11. And the pre-release software certainly appears promising.

(Source: Andrew Hart [Twitter])

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