Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Fails Water-Resistance Test Undoubtedly

WaterproofGate? This is somewhat happened with Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which passed Consumer Reports’ dunk test with flying colors, but unfortunately more rugged Galaxy S7 Active failed in the test. Here are the details to check out.

Consumer Reports as the outfit has dinged Apple on more than a few occasions for what is deemed as poor design for those devices such as iPhone 4 but even Samsung is not immune to its criticism. This time, the same outfit made a review to prove from the Korean company’s Galaxy S7 Active stringent testing, and you might imagine that the issue may be something as poor reception of bad screen quality, the actual issue is one that’s far more worrying.


During the testing period, Samsung‘s Galaxy S7 Active isn’t quite as waterproof as the company would like to claim. In fact, it’s not waterproof at all if this test is the be believed.

For those unfamiliar with the Galaxy S7 Active, Samsung’s supposedly ruggedized version of the flagship Galaxy S7 has fallen fouled of waterproof test. It was been “IP68” certified hardware and supposed to be carrying of being submerged in liquid in up to five feet of water for 30 minutes.

Consumers pay extra $100 on the price of the original Galaxy S7 for the device that is particularly designed to be more rugged than its easily broken brethren, but poor construction means that consumer getting their Galaxy S7 Active wet may be in for a spot of trouble.

During tests carried out on two devices – after one failed, Consumer Reports tested another Galaxy S7 Active, submerged in water. However the “screen flashed green and other colors and didn’t respond to touch” during those under water tests, suggesting ws was getting into the devices somewhere.

More witnessed is that small bubbles appearing within the camera module suggesting as much, with gaps between panels on the device’s body said to be the likely intrusion point for the liquid. The Galaxy S7 Active is also said to be cable of withstanding “drops of up to 5 feet on a flat surface,” though Consumer Reports did not get as far as testing that claim.

Researchers took the test again with an additional device. But it failed again and again. The screen also got water in the camera lenses. Moreover, water was also present in the phone’s SIM card.

(source: ConsumerReports)

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